A brand that is motivated by its love for bikinis, summer, sea and carelessness.

A brand that loves making fashion the feeling of coziness.

The feeling of loving yourself and body.

Creating fashion for the bold women that feel comfort and cozy with what they really are and not what they wanted to be. High quality textile patterns cut for real life body types in a variety of sizes, to match the unique beauty of every woman.

Cozy&Kini wants to create an impact on your confidence. Daring to wear the bikini you love no matter how your body is. Just because you believe in yourself….

Cozy&Kini women put their comfort first without jeopardizing their style. They don’t care about trendiness and beauty standards but about being themselves. Being authentic!

Success for us is to see our kinis been worn by happy customers full of confidence.

We want to continue creating swimwear for all the women out there. So thank you for giving us the opportunity to offer you the best kinis by your loyalty and support.

Our swimwear makes you feel like the kini you wear is made exclusively for you, designed on your measurements. Just to create a perfect fit.

Fall in love with your body and enjoy you Cozy&Kini bikini.

Because you must always feel Cozy with your Kini…