The e-shop www.cozykini.com belongs to the business “Theofanopoulos Georgios Aristeidis”, with registered offices in the Municipality of Filothei – Psychiko, 14 Elika Athanasiadou St., P.C. 15452, Attica, Greece, taxpayer identification number (TIN) & VAT number EL 054584854, under General Commercial Registry (GEMI) number ………. (member of ……………….), e-mail: info@cozykini.com. The Business carries out distance sales of goods and services via its e-shop www.cozykini.com.


These terms of use apply to Visitors / Users / Customers of Cozykini.com while browsing or using this E-shop, as well as in each transaction with the Business for the purchase of the Products. Therefore, the words “you”, “your” and generally the use of the second plural form refers to Visitors / Users / Customers. The use of the term “Users” may also apply to Visitors / Customers. The use of first plural form refers to the Business’s actions, / properties etc.


E-shop or Website: The website www.cozykini.com.
Cozykini: The e-shop www.cozykini.com.
Visitor: The person who browses the Website, without logging on its account or ordering Products.
User: Anyone who creates and uses a user account on the Website.
Customer: The Visitor / User who orders / buys a Product of the E-shop.
Consumer: Any natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business, craft or profession.
Business or Trader: the business “Theofanopoulos Georgios Aristeidis”
Products: The products that the Business retails/wholesales through the E-shop.
Services: The Website’s services.
Terms of Use: These terms of use.
Terms of Transactions: These terms of use in combination with other terms on the Website which apply to your agreement with the Business (Ways of Ordering, Payment Methods, Shipping Methods, Return Policy).


The online Products list on the Website constitutes an invitation to the Visitor / User to submit a proposal of buying the Products. The customer who orders Products through the Website, proposes to the Business an agreement on the sale of the Products. The terms on which the agreement (contract) will be concluded, if the Business accepts the proposal, are the Terms of Transaction, as supplemented by the applicable National and European law. Consumers making agreements with our E-shop, have any and all rights and obligations provided by articles 513 and following ones of Greek Civil Code. You can order either as a registered User or as a Visitor. An agreement with our e-shop may be made in English language.
Your agreement with the Business shall be deemed made only when you receive an e-mail of “order confirmation” from our Business, upon checking availability of products and correctness of order, and shall be terminated upon full payment of the order made and delivery of products. If you pay your order until you receive your “order confirmation” e-mail, your money will be taken as a financial guarantee for the execution of the agreement (contract) and will be refunded immediately if your order is not confirmed.
The Business maintains full ownership of its ordered products until full payment by the customer of their price as well as of the cost of delivery.


In the event that any or any part of the Terms of Use/Transactions, conditions or provisions contained to the Terms shall be determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent such term, condition or provision shall to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.
Invalidity of part of the legal act entails invalidity of the entire legal act if inferred that it would not have been performed without the invalid part.


The headings used in these Terms of Use are included for your convenience only and will not limit or otherwise affect the real meaning of the Terms of Use.


On Cozykini, there are available for retail/wholesale, products like:

Various Beachwear

The beachwear clothes that our Business produces, and which are available at Cozykini are creations of special aesthetic and artistic value and are protected under Intellectual and industrial Property Law and Unfair competition law.
We are constantly trying to display the colors and characteristics of the Products as accurately as possible, through the Website. The Business shall not be liable for the accuracy of the colors / characteristics that your computer’s monitor display.
The Business does not guarantee that the Products available through the E-shop will meet your expectations in terms of quality, features and durability. Therefore, the Business does not bear any responsibility towards you in case the Products do not meet your expectations (beyond reasonable), without prejudice to the next paragraph.
The Business must provide the ordered Products to the Consumer with the agreed properties and without defects and is responsible in accordance with art. 5 of law 2251/1994 and art. 534 et seq. of the Greek Civil Code. In any case, the rights of the Consumer from the two-year legal guarantee, where applicable, apply. The Business does not provide a commercial guarantee in addition to the legal one. National law may give the consumer additional rights.
All descriptions and specifications of Products or Products pricing are subject to change at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of us, without prejudice to already confirmed orders.
Our Business shall not be liable for any shortage of products by reason of force majeure, weather phenomena, fire, epidemic, pandemic, war, suppliers’ strikes, third parties’ misconduct and by any reason beyond the Business’s control.


In agreements under which the Business ships products to customers, the risk of loss or damage of goods is transferred to customers when they, or any third parties appointed by them and other than the courier appointed by the Business, acquire physical possession of said goods. However, the risk is transferred to customers upon delivery to the courier if the courier is entitled by customers to receive and curry the goods from the Business to customers, and such option has not been offered by the Business, without prejudice to customers’ rights towards the courier.


The use of the Website requires internet access. You must ensure with your own diligence internet access and you are fully charged with any billing, by Internet services and access services providers, that using of internet involves for the use of the Website, for receiving – sending data to the Website or for communicating with the Business.
For the use of the Website a terminal device (Computer, tablet, mobile phone), which has the appropriate operating system (ex: Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOs, Android) as well as relevant Internet browser software, is required. The purchase, possession, supply, maintenance and repair of your terminal device are your responsibilities. The Business is not responsible for any inability / difficulty of your terminal equipment to access to the Website or to display the content of the Website. The Business does not provide any guarantee of compatibility and smooth operation of the Website and does not provide any kind of hardware.


Access to and use of this Website and its Services by any Visitor / User / Customer, is regulated by these Terms of Use.
Any Visitor, User, Customer, before access to, browsing and any kind of use of this Website (such us: e-ordering, browsing, searching, logging on, sending, saving information, paying, transacting), clearly, explicitly and unreservedly states that he/or she fully accepts the Terms of Use, as well as any other term that fulfils the requirements of law and may be inside this website, beyond this text, such as in the following areas: Ways of Ordering, Payment Methods, Shipping Methods, Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy. What applies for the Terms of Use also applies for any other term that fulfils the requirements of law and may be inside this Website, beyond this text. Your unreserved accepting of the Terms of Use is required for accessing and using this Website. Acceptance of the Terms of Use / Transactions is indisputably presumed so long as said terms appear in a conspicuous place, and access to them is indicated and facilitated by suitable – in accordance with honest practices – means. The Terms of Transactions apply to every agreement (online / phone order etc.).
The Terms of Transactions, which have been previously set forth for future agreements, bind the customer, provided they fulfil the requirements of law, to wit, our e-shop has indicated their existence and enable the Customer to familiarize with their content. Terms of Transactions are an integral part of distance agreements on selling Products and Services of Cozykini. The User’s sign up in this website automatically means that he/she unreservedly accepts the Terms of Use and transacting with the e-shop Cozykini automatically constitutes unreserved acceptance of the Terms of Transactions. Please, read the Terms of Use / Transactions carefully before you proceed to any action, interaction, access, transaction or use of the Website, and comply there with. In case you disagree with the Terms of Use / Transactions, you are required to refrain from any action, interaction, access, transaction or use of the Website.
The Website operates 24/7. The Business retains the right to modify, suspend, discontinue the operation of this Website and/or the Services provided therein due to maintenance, improvement, updates, commercial policy etc., at any time and with no prior notice, without prejudice to any rights / obligations Visitors / Users / Consumers and third parties may have under the law or any agreement made with the Business.
Visitors, Users and Customers must respect the provisions of Civil Code, which regulate the capacity for legal acts and the general validity of legal acts. In particular, the use of Services and valid agreements made with our e-shop require the contracting persons’ full capacity to perform legal acts. Therefore, Consumers may make legal agreements with the Business as long as they are adults, to wit, they have reached the age of eighteen and are not under full or partial judicial support. Otherwise, the legal act’s invalidity is absolute and the same is considered as not to have been performed. Third parties who are responsible, such as parents, judicial supporters and minor children’s guardians, as well as any third parties who are bound by law or by an agreement made with our E-shop, are not exempt from the obligation to pay and perhaps reimburse the Business due to the fact that the person who directly contracted with the Business acted unlawfully or without their consent, authorization or approval.
Visitors, Users and Customers are required – at making any kind of agreement with our E-shop – to provide full and accurate personal details required for making a valid agreement. Customers must without fail provide a valid e-mail, to which they have access when ordering products.
Logging on Cozykini, by using personal passwords set by a member at his/her sign up, is a proof of the logging on person’s identity, in the sense that the use of said passwords is deemed in any case to have been made by the member who owns said passwords. Any acts performed by the User after his/her log in and while remaining inside the Website, fully bind the passwords holder, either he/she was the one who logged in and used the e-shop’s services or anyone else who used said passwords – with or without the holder’s knowledge/consent/authority. Therefore, the Users are solely liable for the safety of their passwords and any damage caused to Cozykini, to them or any third party by unauthorized use of said passwords.
Users must not disclose their passwords for accessing the e-shop to third parties, and they should logout after having completed their order/browsing, especially in cases when they have logged in from a third party’s computer or their computer is accessible by third parties. We recommend our Users to notify us immediately in case their passwords are lost, leaked, stolen, intercepted, violated and/or illegally used by an unauthorized person, so that we can help them recover/change said passwords and protect both themselves and their personal data.
Users can set their password on the Website by following a link sent to the e-mail they have provided when signing up, therefore, the individual who has access to the e-mail provided during sign up procedure is unquestionably deemed by Cozykini to be the person who uses the member’s account on Cozykini.
Visitors / Users are required to act in compliance with the Greek law, including European Regulations applicable in using the Website and the Services, and to exercise their rights within the limits set by good faith, moral, social and financial purposes of their rights.
Visitors / Users are required not to use the Website, its Services, order/contact forms or any other means of expression through this website or accounts of the E-shop in social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps etc. for the purpose of posting, disclosing, spreading information, data and generally any illegal, unfair, undue, slandering and/or false, threatening, deceitful, coercive, abusive, provocative, insulting, obscene, vulgar, sulfurous, pornographic, racist content. Posted content is also prohibited to urge people to commit crimes, to be the same or its disclosure via this website a punishable act, to make discriminations, to breach any kind of confidentiality, to violate constitutional rights, to offend childhood, professional reputation, privacy and to be adverse to the law in general. Besides, Users / Visitors must not post commercials in any form and of any content, contests, third parties’ personal data, confidential information about the Business or its associates, spam messages, chain letters, unlicensed or other malicious software, works protected by the law of Copyright and Industrial Property.
Users must not use Cozykini for illegal and unfair purposes, for promoting illegal services or products. Users are liable for any damage incurred to the Business or third parties by such use of Cozykini. Users and any other individual or legal entity must not use software for intercepting users’ visitors’ and customer’s data kept by the Business and not save or process data – operation data among others – for advertising or other purposes. It is forbidden for Visitors / Users / Customers to develop behavior that is contrary to good faith, honest practices ethics. Users are required to abstain from any acts of slandering of the Website, or Cozykini accounts on social media platforms, the purpose of which is to discredit the E-shop or defame the Business and the Products.
Users and third parties are strictly prohibited to interfere in the form, operation, services, content, data bases and any other information that constitute this Website, by using any mechanism, software, either malicious or not, process, either electronic or not, by sending harmful files such as viruses, spam messages, DDOS attacks etc. which may affect, harm, suspend, terminate and, generally, obstruct this Website’s smooth operation or Users to log in, access and use the Website, and endanger the provision of services offered thereby. The Business reserves the right to pursue recovery of any damages incurred thereto by misconducts as the aforementioned and any liable party’s prosecution.
This website’s Users are further recommended to have an acceptable and modest attitude when interacting and communicating with other Visitors / Users therein, to respect each other and the website’s managers, and not to behave adversely to Netiquette. Abiding by the above rules contributes to the Website’ s and the internet’s smooth operation.


The Business reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use/Transactions at its free will and unilaterally, as provided by law. Posting any new term, or any modification or annulment of any existing term on this Website alone is enough to put it in effect for the future, without prejudice to any rights Users may have under the law or any placed order or agreement made with the Business. Users must check from time to time whether any of the Terms of Use/Transactions has been modified. Posting terms on this webpage and on any other webpage of the Website fulfils the requirements for notification of users for any modifications to the Terms of Use/Transactions. Any use of this Website presupposes and confirms that the User accepts the preexisting terms, as they apply, with the above-described modifications, interventions and annulments by the Business.


All Terms of Use/Transactions are essential. Any breach of these terms by a User incurs penalties provided by the applicable law and the User’s obligation to remedy any direct and incidental damage the Business or any third party may suffer from the User’s illegal and adverse to the law and/or these terms behavior. In case of any breach of the Terms of Use/Transactions, the Business may terminate the contract with the Visitor / User for the use of the Website, ban the Visitor / User from accessing the Website/ Services, delete the User’s information posted in the Website with no prior notice, but without prejudice to the Privacy Policy, and exercise all rights provided by the law.

Failure or neglect by the Business to enforce at any time any of the provisions of the Terms of Use/Transactions shall not be construed nor shall be deemed to be a waiver of its rights nor in any way affect the validity of the whole or any part of Terms of Use/Transactions nor prejudice the Business’s rights to take subsequent action.


The Business is not obliged to know whether any information provided by a Visitor / User is true or not, considering the personal data provider as the real subject thereof.
Users are obliged, when using the Website, to provide their personal data. The Business is not responsible for any damage to the User or a third party caused by the unintentional or intentional provision of false / inaccurate data by the User.
In an agreement made with the Business, the counterparty’s use of the selection which provides payment of an order by a credit / debit card (or other electronic means of payment) and subsequent provision of personal details of the card’s legal owner, binds the card’s legal owner, regardless of the person who uses said card and gives the required information, therefore, it is indisputably presumed that the legal owner consents to his card being charged with the sale price. Any card or other electronic means of payment used illegally or without its legal owner’s consent for making an agreement with our E-shop does not relieve its legal owner from any obligations arising from such agreement nor from any claims our Business may have for reimbursement due to an illegal act or omission performed by the card’s user.
The Business is solely liable for any information provided to this Website by the Business itself, provided it is required and able – pursuant to the provisions of law – to know whether such information is accurate and lawful, without prejudice to any printing errors or minor similar omissions. According to the provision of applicable law related with issues of liability on part of providers of services of information society, our Business is exempted from any liability as to any content posted in this Website by third parties.
Our Business shall not be liable for any temporary or permanent failure to provide its services as well as for any delay in accepting and executing orders and delivering the ordered products by reasons beyond its control, such as force majeure, severe weather phenomena, natural disasters, states of emergency, strikes, fire, epidemic, pandemic, war, malfunction of collaborating courier companies, accidental deterioration or destruction of products before delivery to Customers and after having been consigned, the User’s or third party’s illegal interventions, malfunction of the provider of Online Payment Processing (Banks etc.) or the Host Provider or ISP or Access Provider or the user’s terminal equipment, for incorrect provision of information on the user’s part and, generally, for any incident that obstruct the Business to fulfill its contractual obligations. The Business’s liability is limited to the obligations it assumes under any agreement made with a consumer, and it shall make any possible effort to meet said obligations within reasonable time.
Our Business shall not be liable for any side effects and damage caused by Products wrongly ordered or carelessly used by the Customer, or due to producer/manufacturer’s liability (provided it is other than the Business), such as errors during production/manufacturing, insufficient information or directions that go with the products, low quality of production, lack of material safety and Products’ defects.
The Business is not responsible for any damage to the User or a third party caused by risks that threaten internet users and may occur while using the Website. Our Business profoundly checks the security level of services it provides electronically, using programs against viruses and malicious software. During browsing this website, Visitors / Users are recommended to use software for protection from computer viruses, spyware, malware, ransomware, DDoS Attacks etc. Our Business shall not be liable for any damages to the Visitor’s / User’s hardware, software and data, as well as for any other damage incurred to Visitors / Users or third parties by the aforementioned risks.
The Business checks all information that it provides to its users, as required by law. However, we cannot exclude human errors, malfunction of the Business’s network or computer systems etc. that may affect proper provision of information to Users about prices of products, availability or characteristics thereof. We advise Users, in the event they notice any wrong information (e.g. unusually high or low price of a product), before they make any order, to contact the Business at e-mail: info@cozykini.com, so that such error be immediately corrected, clarification be given about the price and characteristics of said product and our services be more effectively provided to consumers. The Business reserves the right not to execute any order – even a confirmed one – if the characteristics (price, specifications) of the products ordered are not the ones listed in the Business’s price lists, in other words it’s a case of wrong entry.
Our Business shall not be liable for the content of websites to which our Visitors / Users are referred by hyperlinks, banners, frames etc. legally inserted in this website. Our Business shall not be liable for any damage incurred to users by their visiting such websites, as well as for any damage caused by risks appearing in online systems of Banks, entities advertised in this Website or collaborating courier companies etc., even if Visitors / Users are referred to said websites by hyperlinks, banners etc on the Website. Liability for the content, information, users’ safety and protection of their personal data, and the quality of services provided is born solely by owners, managers and beneficiaries of said websites, which users visit at their own risk.
The Business is neither able nor obliged to check the validity, accuracy and soundness of information, personal or non-personal data provided by Visitors / Users to the E-shop. The Business reserves the right to remove immediately any information posted by a Visitor / User, which breaches the Terms herein. The Business shall make no correction or intervention to data and information provided in any way to the Business by visitors / users, with no prior notice, except in the event of minor errors (printing errors etc). When posting any information on the Website, Visitors / Users must respect the Terms of Use and not to breach the law. Visitors / Users are not allowed to post material and information, publication of which is against the law or it breaches third parties’ rights or it third parties’ copyright or it constitutes illegal personal data processing. The person liable for any illegal action or omission by the User is the person who has access to the e-mail given when opening an account.
The Business is released from any liability for any damage incurred to users, obligation – either contractual or not – towards users, and from any direct or incidental claim filed by Users, if Users breach this website’s Terms of Use, provide false, inaccurate and/or inefficient information and data required, develop misconduct when browsing this website, violate users’ rules for behavior, either legal or customary, fulfill any obligations they have under the law or under an agreement through actions or omissions.
The Business deems that any User who enters personal data to the Website is the person whom said personal data refer to. The Business is neither able nor obliged to verify the identity of the person who enters said data; therefore, it bears no liability, and the User who enters said data is liable for any false and illegal entry both towards the Business and the person whom said personal data refer to (data subject). Users explicitly accept and acknowledge that they are solely liable for their actions and any incidental obligations to reimburse those damaged. The Business reserves the right to ban the User from accessing the Website and to delete the User’s account and information posted by him/her.
The Business shall deliver the ordered products to the collaborating courier companies for the purpose of being consigned to the Customers. The Business is released from any liability for any Customer’s or third party’s damage that may be incurred if the collaborating courier companies deliver the ordered products to any person other than the Customer, provided said person resides, works or stays in the Customer’s house or workplace or any other place indicated by the Customer as the place of delivery of ordered products. The respective liability lies with the Customer.
The Business provides its services and all the content available through this Website “as is” and without any kind of warranty about the accuracy, quality and security. The Business shall not be liable under any circumstances, towards the Visitor / User or any third party, for any direct, indirect positive damage or loss of earnings from the use of the Website, in condition that it fulfills its obligations.
The Business has no responsibility for the loss of data hosted on its servers. Each User has the sole responsibility for keeping a backup copy of the information posted on the Website.
Your transactions with the Business are performed in a secure electronic environment of a cooperating Bank / Payment Institution, and the security of these transactions is provided and ensured by the above-mentioned cooperating bodies. The Business is not responsible for any error / failure of payment and for any damage due to the failure / delay of the above-mentioned bodies to complete your payment process.
Our Business’s posting of the Terms of Use / Transactions and their content may not cause any liability for the Business further than the one provided by the law.


Customers must get informed with their own diligence about requirements and specifications provided by the law of the country they reside or stay in, so that any Products ordered from our E-shop follow a safe route from our shop to them. Customers get informed about the necessary specifications by the proper Authorities of the country where the products are delivered.
In particular, Products must fulfill certain customs requirements and restrictions in order to be imported to the country of destination, such as structure specifications, restrictions on kind, weight, dimensions, requirements for necessary supporting documents, manuals etc. Customers are required to verify that any products they order form our E-shop fulfill said requirements.
Customers may get informed about our products’ characteristics by contacting our E-shop. If they find out that any Products do not fulfill the necessary requirements in order to be imported to the country of destination, they must not make any order, otherwise they shall be charged with any incurring expenses. In particular, Customers are charged with any cost incurring if the Authorities of the country of destination refuse to allow any Product’s entrance in its territory or the enforcement of obligations / sanctions, either it is a cost for the Product’s consignment and return to our E-shop or a cost for storage and necessary handling, or for additional duties or for imposed fines due to the product’s noncompliance with the legal requirements.


In any disputes arising from the use of the Website, the law that applies – according to the Website’s turnover, place of permanent installation, operation and financial activity, as well as the country of origin, without prejudice to the exemptions of law for consumer protection and other criteria and discernments of law – is the Greek law, including European regulations.
The applicable law governs, among others, the relevant activity and the quality and content of the Website, the Products’ properties and any disputes arising from agreements or the law. The consumer also has the right to invoke the protection of the law that would have applied in the absence of the above clause. Any dispute between the Business, Users and third parties from the use of the Website will be resolved through friendly negotiations between them. Otherwise, Greek Courts and particularly Athens Courts have jurisdiction over the resolution of any disputes arising from agreements between the Business and the Users.
For any dispute arising from agreements between you and the Business, we are willing to listen to you and resolve any issues immediately with respect for your rights. Furthermore, if the dispute is not resolved, you may resolve said dispute electronically. The aforementioned option to resolve a dispute out of court is given to consumers who reside within the European Union for both domestic and cross-border transactions. To activate this process, you go to the European Alternative Dispute Resolution Agent’s webpage: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EN. Electronic resolution of a dispute is undertaken to be carried out (within 90 days) by Independent Authority “Hellenic Consumers’ Ombudsman” (http://www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr/), certified by the European Commission as an accredited entity for out of court resolution of consumer disputes.
Before contacting the above Authority, please contact our Business at e-mail: info@cozykini.com, so that we can advise you in following the proper processes according to the problem you are dealing with.


Works contained on the Website, in the form of text, image, drawing, photograph, graphics and logos, computer animation, software, data basis, music and audiovisual extracts, advertising pictures and slogans, which are protected by law 2121/1993 as well as by other National or International provisions of law, constitute the Business’s Copyright, without prejudice to Copyright held by other beneficiaries, protected under the relevant provisions of the Greek Law. Our Business maintains the Copyright of the Website, which is protected as an original work of conjectural design and applied arts, according to specific requirements of law, as well as, as a collection of works. Copyright is primarily acquired without any formalities. The e-shop’s distinguishing features and distinctive title as well as the products’ distinguishing features Cozykini has, are protected by the law that applies to trademarks. Distinguishing features (from their use to their establishment in transactions), as well as the whole content of this website, are further protected under the provisions of unfair competition law.
The domain name cozykini.com has been duly registered by the Business and the domain name cozykini.gr has been lawfully assigned to the Business by the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT). The Business has – among other rights – the exclusive right to use these domain names and forbids any third party to register an identical domain name or a similar name that can confuse consumers.
Recording and direct or indirect, temporary or permanent reproduction of all works contained in this website, by any means and in any form, in whole or in part, as well as making of copies, either permanent or temporary are not allowed. Furthermore, all the following actions associated with said works are prohibited: reproduction by being downloaded and saved in the user’s computer, translation, adaptation, adjustment or other modifications, their distribution to the public in any form by being sold or by other means, lease and public loaning, public execution, broadcasting or re-broadcasting to the public through the radio or television, by electromagnetic waves or wires or other material conductors or by any other means, parallel to the surface of the earth or via satellites, presentation to the public via wire communication or wirelessly or by any other means. There is also forbidden any kind of deformation, abridgement or other modification of the aforementioned works, as well as any insult of the creator caused by the conditions of the work’s presentation. Appearance of these works on the Website does not mean any case whatsoever transfer or assignment of permission or right to use them.
Τhe webpages of this Website are also protected as data bases. Especially, as to the data bases of this website, temporary or permanent reproduction of data bases, by any means and in any form, in whole or in part, translation, adjustment, arrangement or any other modification of data bases, any kind of distribution of data bases or their copies to the public, any disclosure, display, purchase, or presentation of data bases to the public, any reproduction, distribution, disclosure, display or presentation of results of the data bases’ translation, adjustment, arrangement and modification to the public, uploading, storing and exporting databases, downloading, posting on another website, posting on the internet and any other processing and commercial use, are forbidden.
The data bases of this website are further protected as a special right held by the data base maker under particular requirements and restrictions of law. There is forbidden any export and/or reuse of the whole or substantial part of the data bases’ content, evaluated either in terms of quality or quantity, either manually or automatically.
There forbidden any repeated and systematic export and/or reuse minor parts of the data bases’ content, provided they entail the performance of actions contrary to the ordinary use of data bases or unjustifiably violate the data base maker’s legal interest. It is further prohibited the automated (e.g. through web scraping, web harvesting, web data extraction) or manual, collection and storage of information contained in the databases of the Website and in general as its content, the mass / systematic downloading of information by the Website for any use, without the written consent of the Business.
Under the applicable law, this website’s content is protected from violation of Industrial Property, which belongs to the Business, without prejudice to the rights of other holders-agents.
Making of hyperlinks, except ordinary hyperlinks for reference to the homepage of this website, is allowed only upon consent given by the Business or an agreement made with the Business.
The legal browsing of the Website and the use of its Services, with respect to the Terms of Use and the applicable legislation, does not infringe the Intellectual Property of the Business, which provides to the Visitors / Users and Customers a license to use Cozykini only for browsing and ordering Products.
The infringement of the Business’s or a third party’s Intellectual Property results to the obligation of the responsible User to compensate any damage of the Business or a third party. The Business in case of infringement of its Intellectual Property rights, may ban the User from the Website, delete his account and exercise all its rights provided by law.


Our E-shop’s website may include ads of any form, such as banners, text links and frames. The Business respects the provisions of applicable law on consumer protection, and we act with professionalism, following the codes of conduct which bind our Business, having as motivation consumers’ full service through high technology services in a friendly and manageable environment. Having high standards of professional integrity, we abstain from misleading commercial practices. We provide our potential customer with all substantial details about our products, full advice on his/her rights as consumer, and full information about the terms of transaction, so that the customer makes a substantiated decision before entering into an agreement with our e-shop.


If you are a Consumer, according to the Definitions (term 3), then you have the right to withdraw from a contract / agreement with the Business as the law stipulates and without prejudice to the exceptions listed to the Return Policy. For information regarding the right of withdrawal, the conditions and the consequences of exercising it, consult the Return Policy.


For issues relating to the Website’s operation, support and after sale customer assistance toy may reach User Support Department via e-mail: info@cozykini.com.
For any question, necessary clarification, any issues associated with the E-shop’s use and operation and with the Terms of Use / Transactions, as well as for any information about Products and Services of Cozykini and any other related matter, you may contact our e-shop via e-mail: info@cozykini.com. The Business’s specialized staff shall stand by you at any moment, being ready to solve any problem and answer any question you may have.


The Business in Consumer agreements (B2C) adheres the Consumer Code of Conduct for the E-Commerce (Official Government Gazette Issue B΄ 969 / 22.03.2017 – www.et.gr).

Last Update of Terms of Use: 5/5/2022